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About MAS Montréal


Our mission

MAS Montreal wishes to deconstruct beauty standards by advocating the reappropriation of a healthy body image.

We bring this mission to life by offering you easy-to-wear pieces that makes you feel good about yourself without any compromise. We believe that feeling good in your body starts with well-adjusted clothes. Each and every body is unique and we are always working to develop designs that serve and highlight those unique features. Our fabrics are chosen with the same intention. We only use fabrics that allows you, gorgeous clients, to feel comfortable throughout you busy day. MAS Montreal believes anyone should be free to express their style regardless the current unattainable industry standards. 

Where did it start ?

I (Mckenna) came up with MAS to answer a personal need. I’ve always been passionate about fashion, loved shopping and adding new pieces to my wardrobe. Alongside my love for clothes, I’ve always had a strong need to stay active, push and challenge myself through cheerleading, my first love, or through CrossFit, my current practice. Only in 2016 I came to realize that fashion and sports contradict each other, more often than not. On one side, we’re being presented with very strict beauty standards and trends, and on the other, we’re being told how important it is to be and feel healthy in our body. As I was feeling stronger, healthier and more confident in my own skin, I was struggling to find clothes that fit my shape. I came to this conclusion: the women's clothing industry has very little to offer to “atypical” bodies. 

Why MAS ?

MAS means more in Spanish. I’ve always been motivated by a strong desire to offer more to my clients; more choice product wise and more attention in customer service. When I finally launched the project, I was looking for a short and simple name. That’s when I thought of an interesting translation of the word more.

Our values 

First of all, diversity. We thrive to offer you pieces of clothing that fit a vast variety of silhouettes. We want anyone wearing MAS to be comfortable enough to do whatever they need and want that day. It’s so important to us to dress you as you are and to never make you feel like you have to change your shape to wear our clothes.

Secondly, sustainability. From the very beginning, it was essential to us that everything was locally made, to always make sure that anyone working on the collection has good conditions. Furthermore, our collections are based on eco friendly materials such as Bamboo and Lyocell. These fabrics allows our production to be one step closer to a complete sustainable production.

Our company is constantly evolving! We value growth as one of the most important aspect of this brand. We believe in continual evolution of our products, service and quality over the years to offer the best to our devoted customers.

Last but certainly not least, our collectivity is the reason behind this project. We wanted to bring people together and celebrate the many types of bodies in this world. We believe that, together, we can bring changes to the fashion industry by celebrating who we are, just the way we are!

We also give our fabric leftovers to other small local businesses, which helps us move in a zero-waste direction while contributing to the local economy. We are always aspiring to a more human and eco-friendly way to produce our creations.


All MAS products are proudly made in Montreal. 


The face behind MAS Montréal

Mckenna Bisson - Founder at MAS Montreal


My name is Mckenna Bisson and I am the designer, creator and conceptor behind MAS Montreal. I started this clothing brand over 5 years ago. I work on it full time from my workshop in Montreal. When I’m not working, I have an incredible need to be active and work out. Recently, I discovered myself a new passion: plants! This summer, I gave a lot of love to my little garden, and I’m now a very proud plant mama.

Collaborator at MAS Montréal

Jelena Djukic content creator, corrector and translator.