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About MAS Montréal


Mouvement is necessary to Achieve a fulfilling life of being your best Self

Movement at MAS is always top of mind when creating new pieces.

We want our pieces to move with you no matter where you go or what you do; our designs are created to embrace your ever-changing body…we look for flowy, soft, high-quality fabrics with a sustainable angle.

Movement at MAS also means Circular Movement. We produce locally. We maximize efficiency. Furthermore, we get creative in reducing waste.


At MAS, we aspire to inspire.

We aspire to make a difference in our products, our customers, our partners, and our planet.

We aspire to continuous change and improvement all around. Always.


At MAS, we believe that there is nothing more beautiful than Self-love.

Self-love encourages authenticity. We embrace diversity and celebrate individuality.

One of the hardest things in life is to learn to love yourself. MAS wants to contribute to your journey. We are grateful to be part of it! We value YOU.

How did it begin?

I'm Mckenna, founder of MAS Montreal, born from a personal journey fueled by a love for fashion and an active lifestyle. Growing up in a culturally diverse background, I struggled with insecurities about my body. Discovering CrossFit transformed my insecurities into strengths, leading me to embrace self-love.

Yet, navigating the fashion industry presented a new challenge due to prevailing slender silhouettes. This inspired MAS Montreal, a clothing line celebrating movement and empowering women to be their authentic selves. My designs pay homage to evolving modern bodies, using gentle, natural materials to challenge beauty standards. Committed to innovation and sustainability, MAS Montreal aims to minimize waste, offering a supportive embrace to those who have been judged by traditional norms.

Why MAS?

"Más" translates to "more" in Spanish, and my motivation has always been rooted in providing more to my clients. This encompasses more choices, more attention, resulting in superior products and exceptional customer service. When choosing a name for the project, I sought simplicity and brevity, leading me to select MAS – a representation of the abundance I aspire to offer you.




All MAS products are proudly made in Montreal. 


The face behind MAS Montréal

Mckenna Bisson photo par Charlotte Frackowiak
Mckenna Bisson, originally from Lévis, Quebec, embarked on a transformative journey that brought her to Montréal in 2014, a pivotal moment shaping her life's narrative.

Starting her professional journey as a sales associate at Ogilvy’s, Mckenna gleaned crucial insights into the intricacies of the fashion industry. This practical experience served as the foundation for her own venture, MAS Montréal, which she launched in 2016.

Her academic pursuits led her through the world of fashion marketing at Campus Notre-Dame de Foy from 2009 to 2012. Subsequently, she delved deeper into consumer sciences at Laval University from 2012 to 2014, building a comprehensive knowledge base.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Mckenna's fervor for fashion, design, art, and architecture has remained a consistent source of inspiration. She possesses a deep passion for personal growth, underscored by an insatiable curiosity, a love for travel, and an unwavering admiration for diverse cultures. Her genuine appreciation for differences fuels her curiosity and enriches her understanding of the world.

Mckenna's athletic journey spans nine years as a cheerleader and seamlessly transitions into an ongoing exploration of diverse physical disciplines, including CrossFit, dance, and boxing.

In recognition of her contributions to the fashion industry, Mckenna received the prestigious 'Black Excellence' award in 2020. Furthermore, her notable participation in the Amazon fashion series in 2021 underscored her influential presence in this dynamic domain.
Collaborator at MAS Montréal
Jelena Djukic content creator, corrector and translator.